Our tradition and experience producing extra virgin olive oil allows us to produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
The olives come from olive trees in the mountains, most of them are centennial trees, that are located in the Sierra de Algairén at an altitude of over 600 meters. The cultivation is traditional, not extensive and in the mountains.The olive groves are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which increases the natural antioxidant properties of the olive.


The oil is mainly obtained from the variety arberquina, followed in a lower amount by verdial, royal,  empeltre, racimillo
and blanqueta.Due to our experience we can obtain a very stable extra virgin olive oil with excellent physical,
chemical and organoleptic properties.



The "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cerdán Portolés" is a Premium EVOO, which is made with olives grown in our own crop. It has a mild flavour, fruity and balanced, it distinguishes itself because the taste is rather sweet than spicy and bitter. It is very fluid, light and very enjoyable to use whether raw or in any culinary preparation. The colour is yellowish green.

Cold extraction.

Available in 500 ml glass bottle and in a 5 liter  carboy for HORECA sector.



The "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest" is a Limited Edition Premium EVOO, which is obtained from young olives in our own crop at their perfect stage of ripeness. The olives are harvested still green and some of them in different colours.  This way we produce a balanced, aromatic and intensely fruity flavour extra virgin olive oil . It is recommended to use this product raw.

Limited Edition numbered bottles

Cold extraction.

Available in 500 ml glass bottle.




The "Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil" is a Premium EVVO also known as “en rama”, it is obtained by the same cold extraction system with natural decantation. The colour is slightly darker because of the micro-particles of the olive pulp. One of its characteristics is the more intense aroma and the fruity flavour closer to a spicy and bitter flavour. It is only available during the first months of the harvest. It is recommended to use this product raw.

Limited numbered bottles.

Cold extraction.

Available in 500 ml glass bottle.



Quality parameters that an olive oil must reach to be
certified with the highest qualification: extra virgin.

  EU-Regulation Cerdán Portolés
Oil acidity < 0,8 0,17
Peroxide (PNQ017) < 20 5,3
K232 < 2,5 1,9
K270 < 0,22 0,14
DELTA K < 0,01 0,01
Mediana of defects = 0 0
Median for "fruity" > 0 4,4

Consult here the results of the quality control analysis.

Physical-chemical analysis

Organoleptic analysis